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Amara's Hut
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Amara's Hut is where Amara lives when teaching Jafar how to do magic, and up until she becomes her student's very own snake staff.


Before the Curse

OW104 24
Amara sheds her skin. ("The Serpent")

One day, in the market of Agrabah, everyone runs in terror or cows in the corners. Jafar is the only one who looks out as Amara enters the market and conjures a coin to pay for her food. Jafar stares at the woman. She looks back for a moment and then goes on her way. That night, Jafar goes to Amara's cottage. She demands to know why he's there and Jafar asks her to teach him dark magic so that people will fear him as they fear her. Amara refuses, warning that magic isn't for fighting off bullies. Jafar says that he wants revenge his father. Amara congratulates him on his honesty that they will see what he can do. Years later, Amara is studying a tome of spells but says that Jafar is not ready yet. The sorcerer says that they can study the masking spell now that they have a human liver. When Jafar wonders how they will obtain it, Amara tells him that the wine, given by Jafar to Akil, has poison. As Akil starts choking, Amara gives Jafar the antidote but warns that if he gives it to Akil then he can't learn the spell. Amara tells him that she must show him that he can do whatever it takes for power. After a moment, Jafar sets the antidote down and Amara congratulates him and kisses him. That night, Amara finally shows Jafar the book and tells him that it contains everything known about a spell that can only be cast by the three genies. Amara believes that with Jafar's help she will have the power to cast the spell and change the laws of magic. Finally, the two lovers find the second bottle, and that night, Jafar offers Amara a drink and tells her that he's heard a rumor that the third genie bottle is in Agrabah. Amara starts to feel weak and Jafar tells her that he has given her a potion to steal her magical essence.The sorceress warns that no one person can cast the spell alone, but Jafar says that he will have her and her magic. He then transforms her into a serpent and picks her up, and she solidifies into a snake staff. From that day, Jafar usually carries his staff with him, evoking its magic to perform all sorts of spells when necessary. ("The Serpent")