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Agrabahn Vipers
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The Agrabahn viper, a snake so deadly it can kill anything.
Queen Regina

Agrabahn Vipers are a dangerous breed of snake that originate in Agrabah, obtained by Prince Henry so that Regina could manipulate the Genie into using them to kill King Leopold.


Before the Curse

Forgive me.
Genie of Agrabah
Leopold 111
The Agrabahn Vipers kill King Leopold. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

When freed from his lamp, the Genie of Agrabah befriends his generous ex-master, King Leopold, who allows him to move into his palace. There, he meets Leopold's lonely wife, Queen Regina, who the Genie falls for in an instant. He courts her during a celebration for Snow White, but when Leopold reads through Regina's diary of a "new love" in her life, he locks her away in her chambers until he is able to get to the bottom of things. Regina's father, Henry soon arrives with a gift for his daughter: two Agrabahn Vipers, as requested. He begs the Genie to get the vipers to his daughter, for she no longer wishes to live if she is trapped in a marriage with the King. The Genie has a better idea though, resulting in him sending the Agrabahn Vipers up and into Leopold's bed as he sleeps, allowing them to bite and kill him. It's not long till the Genie realizes Regina set him up, but still obsessed with her, he uses Leopold's third wish (the one given to the free Genie to use) and makes it so he never has to leave her side, thus resulting in him becoming trapped in the Queen's mirrors. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

After the Curse

Season 2

Maybe we should have gone with Operation Viper.
David Nolan
203 18
Henry is left with a fright. ("Lady of the Lake")

Queen Regina eventually goes on to cast a Dark Curse, one of which is broken by Emma Swan, but the Evil Queen refuses to go down without a fight, resulting in the loss of love from her son, Henry. Wanting to find out more of what his estranged, adoptive mother is up to, as well as a way to get Emma and Mary Margaret back from the Enchanted Forest, he learns from Jefferson of a way he may just be able to accomplish this. He visits the mausoleum where Regina's father is buried, but soon discovers the tomb moves to reveal a set of stairs, thus leading to her vault. Any magical potions, spell books and other miscellaneous items from the Enchanted Forest are kept down there. The boy continues to snoop around some, but when coming across a box in particular, he opens it up only to find the two Agrabahn Vipers snapping at him. Jumping back in fear, the boy is relieved to find David arrive in time to close it back. ("Lady of the Lake")